Donuts that bond people, bite by bite.

Creating delicious moments that inspire delight and devotion — to people, families, and the Clovis community.

More than *just* a donut shop.

Daylight Donuts is a Clovis staple and community hub serving quality donuts made for connection.


Take your pick. Discover our menu to sprinkle joy today.

We use only the highest quality flour brought in directly from the Daylight Donuts headquarters. This ensures consistency in taste and the quality of the flour used. You can taste the difference. Every single time. Proven by over 30 years of consistency in the Clovis community. 

So, What'll it be?

Custom Orders

We’d love to create a custom box of donuts for your next event, special occasion, or just because! View our Custom Orders page and submit the Order Request Form so we can create your custom order.


Meet the Owner

Affectionately known as “The Donut Lady,” Megan Reyes is the owner of Daylight Donuts of Clovis! Get to know the lady behind the dough, why she loves serving the Clovis community, and how it all started, too. 


Location + Hours

Ready to visit Daylight Donuts? We’d love to serve you. Daylight Donuts of Clovis is located at 2201 N. Prince Street. View our hours of operation and get in touch. 


I'm Megan, Lead Donut Lady & Owner of Daylight Donuts

I’d love to personally invite you to stop by and see how we roll. The funny thing about my story is that I actually started working at Daylight Donuts when I was 15 years old. And that was just the beginning.


“Donuts are fresh and delicious...”

"Daylight Donuts will not disappoint! Donuts are fresh and delicious! The staff is kind and helpful. The owner is creative and easy to work with. She continues to support our community and her customers. Thank you for the incredible service!"


let's do this thing

Donuts that inspire delight and devotion.

View our menu to sprinkle joy in your home, workplace, church, or beyond today. We are open and the donuts are hot.